Eyeshadow GALLANT Matt

Weight 6g

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GALLANT Matt Eyeshadow

GALLANT MATT eyeshadows not only impress with their rich colors, but also apply and last perfectly, providing a long-lasting eye makeup effect. Thanks to their matte finishes, these shadows are ideal for defining eye contours and creating a variety of looks, both for everyday wear and special occasions. The colorful shades in the GALLANT MATT palette are extremely rich, giving the eyes depth and definition. Sweet, bright hues blend perfectly with each other, creating harmonious combinations that allow for both subdued and more daring makeup looks. Neutral hues, on the other hand, allow you to subtly enhance your natural beauty, while creating an elegant and timeless effect.

How to use: Start by applying a shadow base to prolong the life of your makeup. Evenly apply the shadows to the moving eyelid with an eyeshadow brush.