Eyeshadow GALLANT Nude

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Nude Eyeshadow

GALLANT Nude Eyeshadows is an excellent collection that offers a wide range of harmoniously matched shades, ideal for creating subtle, natural makeup looks. The set includes neutral pastel shades that range from soft powdery tones to warmer browns, giving your eyes extraordinary depth and definition. GALLANT Nude eyeshadows allow you to achieve a "naked look" effect, which means that the makeup is light, natural. Matte shades are an excellent choice for both everyday, delicate makeup, while sets of pearl shades are perfect for more expressive looks. The shadows are easy to apply, long-lasting and blend perfectly, making them ideal for experimenting with different makeup techniques.

How to use: Start by applying a shadow base to prolong the life of your makeup. Evenly apply the shadows to the moving eyelid with an eyeshadow brush.