Goat milk and Honey Concentrated cream for hands and nails

Capacity 100ml

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Goat milk and Japanese rose oil

Concentrated cream for hands and nails

Moisturizing and anti-aging with elastin


Concentrated, moisturizing and anti-aging cream designed for the everyday care of dry and damaged skin of hands. It perfectly moisturizes and nourishes skin, making hands smooth, elastic and soft. The cream features goat milk proteins that have a protective role, soothing irritations and accelerating natural recovery. Thanks to the presence of elastin, which permeates deep into the epidermis and binds water there, skin becomes smooth and soft. The luxurious Japanese rose oil, called the TSUBAKI oil, has strong anti-oxidant properties thanks to the rich content with its anti-radical properties (vitamins E, A, B, polyphenols), protecting the organism against free radicals that contribute to the premature aging of skin. The cream supports the process of restoring skin elasticity, which helps in anti-aging skin care treatments. Hands and nails remain beautiful and well-kept.

How to use: apply a small amount of the cream to the skin of your hand and nails. Massage thoroughly paying particular attention to the driest and most irritated areas. Use every day according to needs.