Vegan MANGO & GREEN TEA Nourishing and soothing hand cream

Capacity 100ml

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Nourishing and soothing hand cream with natural mango fruit extract and ecological green tea extract.
Intended for everyday care of irritated hand skin that needs soothing. Natural mango extract, rich in vitamin A, C and group B vitamins, is an excellent antioxidant, demonstrating exceptional capability to capture free radicals, thus protecting the skin from cellular degradation. Niacin contained in mango extract stimulates the synthesis of collagen responsible for the skin's elasticity, ensures the appropriate level of hydration, improves its appearance by smoothing out fine lines and reducing existing discoloration. Panthenol relieves and soothes any irritation and micro-damage of the epidermis. Green tea extract, obtained from the leaves of Camellia sinensis L. derived from organic crops, has strong antioxidant properties. It inhibits skin ageing processes caused by e.g. UV radiation or cigarette smoke. It strengthens the epidermal barrier, making it difficult for foreign substances to penetrate as well as preventing inflammation and irritation. The skin of the hands remains nourished and well-groomed for a long time.