Vegan AVOCADO & ALOE VERA Moisturising and soothing hand cream

Capacity 100ml

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Moisturising and soothing hand cream with avocado oil and Aloe Vera gel.

Intended for everyday care of hand skin requiring moisturising and protection. Natural avocado oil has elasticising and nourishing properties, the hand skin becomes exceptionally well-groomed and regenerated. Avocado oil, rich in sterols, helps reduce unwanted discolourations and skin spots. High content of vitamins A, B1, B2 and D, lecithin and vitamin E efficiently nourishes, softens epidermis and stimulates collagen production, thus delaying the visible effects of skin ageing. Aloe Vera Gel, obtained from the leaves of A. barbadensis rich in active ingredients, positively influences the condition of the skin, soothing any irritation. It has strong moisturising and emollient, as well as anti-ageing properties. Aloe helps to inhibit any inflammatory processes and has conditioning properties. It regenerates rough epidermis, provides intensive hydration and skin regeneration. Allantoin has anti-inflammatory properties, soothes irritations, supports regeneration and reconstruction of the epidermis, stimulates wound healing process. It has strong moisturising properties, thus evoking the sensation of smooth and comfortable skin.